Why do we create? Do we need a reason? We don’t think so. The Palette Social was born out of a desire to bring art and artistic fun to you! Getting friends together? Having a birthday party? Date night? We got you! Our workshops are relaxing, fun, and some are even nature and wellness inspired. Click the "learn more" button below to see a descriptive list of our offerings.

We encourage everyone to be creative and original by having fun with art and with the people around us. Come learn a new skill and develop your artistic side — schedule an event with us today!

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Artistic Souls

We are two artist entrepreneurs, whose collective experience runs the gamut of artistry. Sharing our knowledge with others is what drives us to be better members of our community.

Mara Lattanzi has worked for a few costume designers in New Orleans, as well as created many commissions for her own clients. She also has experience in metal fabrication, paper sculpture, color theory, and chocolate arts.  

Tish Douzart is a printmaker who loves mixed media, drawing, paper and book arts, and painting. Her love of plants and herbalism tend to find their way into her artwork as well. 

Our mission is to facilitate creative energy! Whether organizing for a special occasion or coordinating activities for events, reaching out to us is the first step in producing memorable, artistic adventures. 



Celebrate | Create | Collaborate

Need a creative addition to your next shindig? We are your go-to for art events! Birthday parties, bachelorette parties, social happy hours...let's collaborate and make something special happen! 

The average number of participants is around 10-15 per event, but don't let that number scare you off! We can accommodate a wide range of attendance numbers. 

Important note: The Palette Social is a MOBILE business. We enjoy bringing the fun to you! We do not have a home base, so it is important for you to know that finding a space for your event will be on your to-do list. 



Don't be shy. We're flexible in what we can do. Send us a message and let's talk about it!

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